Down South Volume 1

It’s here!



Camping again

Springtime in Tassie means weather that rapidly changes. We got lucky and got five consecutive days of sunny, warm and relatively still weather, so we headed up the coast to a favourite spot with our mate Middo. Spectacular.

Three Capes Track

This is what you get when you dare to ask a question: a group of 8 ladies, with a spirit of adventure, four days and a whole lot of walking. Admittedly, the Three Capes Track is at the ‘introductory’ level of multi-day bushwalks, as basic but beautiful huts are strategically placed along the way, each with a functional kitchen, nullifying the need to carry a tent, mattress and cooker (easily 3kg worth!) That being said, it felt so good to carry all that I needed for this walk on my back – words like capable and independent come to mind. On the other hand, walking a defined track with a bunch of ladies, was so much fun. All the decisions were already made – what was for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which way to go and how far each day, what to wear – I just wore everything I had it was that cold. This for me was the break from everyday life – a few days reprieve from the burden of decision making. Lack of choice allows the mind to rest. I think the biggest decision was who was going to be on the top bunk each night. The uninterrupted ladytalk was also so fulfilling. Quite primal I think.  I never really regarded bushwalking as a social activity, but this walk was just that. Excellent experience and I highly recommend it.

Here’s the video (second edition).




I’ve just scrolled through my photographs from April. It was a ripper month for weather and recreation. School holidays came at the right time. We ventured out in the boat, went camping and made the most of the last blast of warming sunshine. As I write this, they maximum temperature didn’t surpass 12 today. But the winds were light, and that makes a huge difference.

I’ve been working on a little project.  I wrote a post a while ago about wanting to write a book. Well, I’m working on a magazine of sorts. I’m calling it a magazine because a) that’s the printing format I’m using and b) I intend on producing regular editions. I’m really enjoying it, as is Magnus, my fishing columnist, as it gives all my photo-taking a real purpose, and I’m excited about eventually getting it printed and holding it in my  hand and being able to give it to people. Digital is great, but for me, nothing beats the comforting weight of a book in my hand.  It will be like my screen-prints. VERY limited edition. Highly collectable. Extremely expensive. Order yours now!!!

But here’s some of my better shots of April.


Summertime Travels

It has been a glorious summer, and there is more to come . As the school holidays draw to a close, I whipped up a little clip of some of our little adventures, here on our favourite not-so-little island.  More to come on Sarah’s Top Tassie Tips.


The book I want to write

I bought a book last week. It was expensive, but as I stood in the Queensland Museum Shop flicking through it, I knew it was special and that I’d enjoy it. It combines in one publication so many of the things I love – bushwalking, photography, visual art and informed, entertaining writing.

It’s called Seven Walks: Cape Leeuwin to Bundeena by Tom Carment with photographs by Michael Wee. Interestingly it is published by Roc-Hin from Casino in NSW. That intrigued me too, a publishing house in country Australia. The writing is well researched and quite restrained – so much more could be written, but isn’t, and it makes for such a nice literary experience, not to mention the superb, page-filling photographs of the landscapes, as well as the loose, flowing watercolours by the author.

Anyhow, reading this made me think that I’d like to write a book like Seven Walks (I might call it Eight Walks ). Then I thought that this little old blog is a bit like the draft copy for a book. And I should write more. I’m such an ideas person, not one for details and commitment…..  maybe I’ll call it Six Walks ….. or just Walks ….


Just like a game of test cricket

I’ve just returned from a weekend reunion with two old friends. It was great (must find better word). We made the most of being unencumbered and walked, ate and drank our way around Melbourne, with a spot of shopping thrown in for good measure. Even though we’re great mates, I don’t talk on the phone to these ladies, never email and rarely message them. Our friendship is like a game of test cricket playing on the telly. We checked in on the score and witnessed a few more runs being notched up on the friendship tally, paused for drinks and departed again, vowing to check on the score again in a different location.

There’s no pretense, no airs and graces, no pomp and ceremony, no guard and no secrets.

It was fabulous.


Everything but the kitchen sink

We’ve just returned from a lovely week camping at Bruny Island. It’s hard to leave the paradise we live in, but Bruny is another paradise, and we need to use the mother of a caravan we are now owners of.

The caravan park at Bruny is the best in Australia by my judging. Beachfront, creekfront, you can have dogs and fires, and it was pretty quiet at night too. So here is a visual story of our week at Bruny, three generations of family, and the dog.

Japan 2016

The time felt right to take the boys overseas. They are just that little bit older, that bit more receptive to their environment, and more independent with self-care and entertainment(no nappies or midday sleeps required) (well, not for them!).
Our friends Cam and Jo joined us as well, which spread the parenting load nicely, too. And Japan is always on the cards, not just because of my language skill, but the snow, the political stability, the safe streets, the helpful people, my friends over there, interesting culture, yummy food and ease of access. I highly recommend it as a destination. Even though the exchange rate was not incredibly great, at 80 Yen to one Aussie dollar, most things were quite reasonably priced. Having said that though, even though we did everything as budget as possible, multiplying that by four makes quite an impact.
Anyhow…… let’s not dwell too much on that! Here’s a video I made of our trip. Hope you enjoy it!